Brand Promise

We stand for Transparency:
We believe transparency has no worthy substitute. Which is why, we have gone that extra step to make sure no part of our dealings leaves you feeling muddled.

If anything, we try to minimize the hassle you need to go through to purchase a home.

We only sell on a carpet area basis.

We Stand for the Future:
We've always aspired to the goal of building the future, in which the general quality of life is elevated above present standards and beyond the wildest dreams of future home owners.

We understand the plight of working professionals caught in a vortex of rising prices. That's precisely why we price our properties at 20% below the market price.

How do we make that possible? Well, technology delivers lower material consumption, smarter space utilization, savings across electrical and plumbing design & smart financial modeling assures low financial costs passed on to the customer.

We stand for Technology:
The one thing that defines Xrbia has to be the level of technological advancement that permeates each aspect of its living spaces. Xrbia is an example of how complex technology can simplify life and accelerate the process of construction.

We can build a 4 level building in 90 days, which is 3 times faster than anybody in our trade..

We eliminate the use of brick in our construction system, and have a lower concrete consumption.

Our buildings are earthquake, flood, rodent and fire resistant.

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