Sustainable Urban Development aims to eliminate negative environmental impact.

At Xrbia, we are creating sustainable townships focusing on the following:

Water Management

Using water efficient fixtures, rainwater harvesting and sewage treatment plants for recycling water to be used for flushing & landscaping purposes.

Building Design

There is ample daylight & ventilation provided to all apartments.

Waste Management

Waste management strategies are optimized to receive, segregate & recycle or responsibly dispose waste as per their type (dry, wet, biodegradable, etc)

Energy Efficiency

There are energy efficient fixtures using natural contours of the site to build up the required pressure for sanitary, fire fighting purposes thereby eliminating pumps & allied infrastructure. This also reduces energy costs over the life cycle of the project. Supplying piped gas to the community also ensures energy is conserved.

Smart selection of low-impact, non-toxic materials having low-embedded energy in our contractions, promotes healthy indoor air quality for the inhabitants.

Awareness & Education

In Xrbia, we will educate our citizens with valuable information on sustainable features of the community thereby creating awareness of environmental issues affecting our daily lives.

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