At Xrbia, we build houses 3 times faster than our competitors. A 4-storied building can be erected within 90 days.

System Formwork

System formwork technology involves using standardized prefabricated modular components as a mold for casting structural components of the building. As compared to conventional formwork practices in which timber is used to support Reinforced Cement Concrete until it attains the design strength, using Aluminum/Steel formwork results in achieving a superior casting quality in terms of strength as well as finishes along with a dramatic cut down of cycle time. System forms are prefabricated & engineered modules of shuttering panels with a metal frame & thin contact metal surface. As per the Structural Engineer's design, steel reinforcement is placed inside these forms & wet concrete is poured in this space to make beams, columns, slabs, walls, floors, ceilings, etc. After the concrete within the forms attains the required strength, the series of panels are dismantled revealing a highly uniform, monolithic concrete structure with accurate tolerances & plumb levels. No further plastering is required on these surfaces due to them being highly finished by use of metal panels.

The System

The objective of the formwork system is the construction of a range of building types from villas, multistoried apartments, commercial buildings, etc., using the advanced Steel formwork technology. In short, XRBIA technology is a method of construction based on formwork with LGS (Light Gauge Steel) as the main component , and which provides excellent sound, thermal and fire insulation. The technique has been validated in customized construction projects at various locations internationally. It has the potential to provide genuine building, construction and housing solutions of requisite quality and price, within the shortest of time periods known in the industry. The System is a load-bearing wall panel system that is cost-effective, eco-friendly and uses methodology that results in much faster construction with much higher quality of finish. Structures built using our process can be erected either by prefabrication the component units at the factory using the most convenient and easy shipping formats with final assembly at site or prefabricated from material inputs at site with subsequent assembly through worker teams with minimal skills. In either case this method of construction and erection when compared to conventional hollow concrete blocks, brick and mortar methods commands a significant premium in the overall time taken for construction. Though the time advantage varies, in some documented cases it has been seen that the construction of a structure using our technology has been completed within 30 to 40% or less of the time for an equivalent structure using conventional construction methods. It may be revealed that a major reason for such revolutionary reductions in completion time is due to the reduction in work that has to be done overall such as plastering and curing. World-wide, more than 2000 complete units comprising customized housing, gated communities, villas, and others have been set up and completed using this system.
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