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    The IoT Revolution
    Internet of Things (IoT) technology has long been a hot topic in the technology industry as the next revolution in our digital era. Essentially, IoT technology refers to the increasing interconnectivity between our physical and online worlds.

    Xrbia is using IoT differently. Dedicated to increasing the supply of affordable homes, Xrbia will employ IoT to cut costs and make everyday necessities available to a wider audience.

    A BOT is a device that monitors and manages an asset. It gathers data from an embedded probe and sends it to the cloud, either at periodic intervals or when some event occurs. The BOT ensures that the data transmitted is in chronological order. The data is transmitted over a Message Queue Telemetric Client protocol designed for sensors that work in high latency, unreliable networks, and harsh environments. Bots can both transmit and receive data. In many cases, bots send data to relays, switches, solenoids and other hardware acting in a pre-programmed manner.

    Mobile Application
    Every home at Xrbia will be fitted with a microbot, which transmits data about the resident's utility usage to an online platform. Using this technology their utility bill usage can be monitored in real-time to make payments as per consumption via the Xrbia Smart City mobile app. The Xrbia Smart City mobile app also allows customers to make complaints to the central control room, alert security in case of danger and access medical assistance all via a click of a button.

    These innovations are likely to expand in the coming years and mark a major shift in the way we live. With apps and bots quickly entering the realty scene, Xrbia hopes to lead the real estate industry into this new digital era.