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    The Unmanned Sales Process
    Our Sales processes are at the cusp of digital innovation. Xrbia has built a robust e-commerce platform that ensures seamless processing through digitization that is unmanned. This lets interested buyers view the product of their choice in exact detail in the comfort of their home or the privacy of their smart phone. They can select an apartment based on location, budget and product size directly on our website. Buyers can now virtually experience a walk through of the property with Virtual Realty (VR) technology to get a clear picture on what's being offered. This is essentially like a real walk through, but instead buyers can view the property at their own pace.

    Once the buyer has selected their apartment, they can proceed to the payment gateway where a booking can be made within 7-15 minutes. Every customer receives a unique customer number, which they can use to log into their Xrbia customer portal, for updates on their next installment, reports on the construction progress, latest schemes and new launches. This buying platform enables Xrbia to reduce high costs of real estate in the form of sales centers and heavy staff costs of salesmen. It encourages transparency and ensures a streamlined sales process.

    Our CRM Initiative has Seven Components

    • Planning
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Back Office
    • Mobile
    • Internet
    • MIS

    This involves producing a report wherein a map, that visually presents the master plan, guides the overall methodology and metrics from start to finish. The strategy, goals and resources are documented as well as technology, partners and contractors are selected at this point.


    • Lead Management
    • Partner Relationship Management
    • Sales Force Automation
    • Customer Accounting Management including receivables etc.


    • Customer Analytics, including profiling and segmentation.
    • E-marketing Automation, including campaign management and customer analytics that track marketing programs and campaign effectiveness.
    • Lead Qualification: Automatic pre-qualification of sales leads in real time based on pre-established business rules.

    Back Office

    • Set Up Call Centre and Help Desk
    • Provision of Customer Support
    • eService System: Scripted online help system to aid customers resolve queries.
    • Live Customer Support
    • Internal help desk to aid Customer Support
    • External help desk to aid Customers


    • Field Force Automation: Automating tasks and delivering content to customer facing employees.
    • Mobile Commerce: Buying via a mobile device through ecommerce engine.
    • Mobile Enterprise: Making the Intranet, CRM solution, etc. available to mobile employees and customers through handheld applications.


    • E-commerce: Enables online buying, reservation & payment
    • Channel Automation Software helps customers transparently navigate a multi-tiered selling process
    • Multichannel Customer Management: The integration of electronic interactions including email, chat, self-service, collaboration, VoIP in a seamless manner
    • Email Response Management
    • Order Management: Post-sales data and information, including self-service
    • Content Management: Data that describes items offered in online catalogs or marketplaces
    • Fulfilment Software: Executes tasks such as invoices, order management, and status tracking


    • ROI continuously measured .
    • Develop, monitor and manage success matrix.
    • Monitor customer satisfaction and all MTTRs.