‘Chembur Central’ clocks 20,000 registrations in 4 days

Chembur Central is a 5000 house project situated in one of Mumbai’s most central locations. The project, which is sold exclusively via an ecommerce portal saw an unprecedented rush to their website crossing a threshold of 20,000 registrations many of whom were buyers attracted by prices as low as 42 lacs for a 1 bedroom apartment. Prospective buyers are required to register their interest via a booking portal and pay a registration fee of Rs.100 between April 11th – 23rd to secure a booking.

Majority of the registrations came from residents of Maharashtra, followed by Delhi, Ahmedabad and Kolkata. Online registrations came from remote cities such as Shiliguri, Jammu , Durgapur amongst others.

Many housing companies are now willingly moving most of their transactions and booking processes to online platforms, in line with India’s increasing internet infrastructure and demonitisation. Consumers tend to prefer online platforms because they are more transparent.

A spokesman from Xrbia confirmed that before they are open for booking by the 24th of this month, it is very likely the registration count may be as high as 100,000.