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Green Buildings

Green Buildings - XRBIA
  • Greening Buildings

    • The elimination of bricks in construction substantially reduces the carbon dioxide generated due to the burning of coal or firewood in kilns and the depletion of rich topsoil that takes place when bricks are manufactured
    • Wood is completely eliminated in the building process
    • The technique requires no skilled workers, thereby enabling local workmen to execute construction. This eliminates the need for large immigration of labour groups across geographies
    • The quantity of cement used in this process is 50% below conventional technologies
    • The homes are more robust in terms of earthquake, fire, flood and rodent resistance
    • The design life of these homes is over 100 years and requires lower maintenance than conventional construction
    • The thermal conductivity of these homes is half that of conventional homes due to the inherent insulation qualities, thereby saving energy for cooling or heating