Expectations From The Interim Budget 2019

The recently announced Interim Budget 2019 holds many promises for India’s real estate sector. With increased emphasis on affordable housing, and various incentives for homebuyers in terms of tax concessions, the real estate sector expects many positive changes to unfold this year. Here are some highlights of the Interim Budget 2019, along with some important… Read More

Xrbia – Making Dreams Come Alive

What’s that one thing you wish to have in your perfect home? For most, it’s comfort – the feeling of coming home to a place that is rightfully yours. When you find the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, exclusivity and an abundance of nature’s bounty – it’s your cue that you’re at the doorstep of… Read More

XRBIA – Committed To Making World-Class Homes

By 2030, India’s housing shortage is estimated to be around 120 million houses, costing a whopping USD 2 trillion. Based on the tenets of technology, affordability, transparency and sustainability, XRBIA is on its way to address this very grave housing crisis in India. At XRBIA, we are redefining legacy processes and delivering cities that will… Read More