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Brand Story - XRBIA
  • Building the future for you

    Driven by technology, Xrbia is on a mission to build world-class cities that meet the demands of the modern consumer as well as the needs of the surrounding environment. India is currently facing a significant shortage in housing and without radical innovation in the sector, this is set to worsen in the coming years. By 2030, India’s shortfall in housing is expected to be 12 crore houses costing Xrbia Brand Story120,00,000 crores. Spanning nationwide, our cities will cater to the need of more functional cities, not just houses. Infrastructural services including but not limited to clean water, sewage treatment, expert-designed sanitation, well-constructed roads, fulfilling education and prompt healthcare will be provided onsite to satisfy demands of India’s growing population. By 2030, India’s urban population will cross 800 million people. Nationwide, our cities will fulfil the need for more functional cities than just houses. So Xrbia’s goal is to build “100 future ready cities by 2030.

    Our townships are designed to enhance the quality of life of each and every resident. Green spaces, walking trails, gym facilities and commercial centres and gymnasium are just some of the features that make all Xrbia townships an enjoyable place to call home.