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Housing Loan

  • Housing Loan scheme

    XRBIA's ‘No-Income-Proof’ Home Loan Scheme has enabled applicants to apply for housing finance without income proof documents, which previously presented a major stumbling block to those employed in the informal sector. The customer’s Cibil score is verified and he/she should be able to justify his source of income however, no income proof documents are demanded.We have strong partnerships with over 20 housing finance companies who have created flexible loan products so that no prospect is ever refused a loan.

    Interest Subsidy
    Prices start from INR 7.99 lacs in XRBIA projects. Furthermore, eligible customers can avail the Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana government subsidy of up to INR 2.67 lacs, specifically designed for families with a household income of INR 18 lacs or below. This reduces the total value for a home to INR. 4.83 lacs, which is a 35% discount.

    Social Purpose
    In expanding access to housing finance to those in the informal sector. The ‘No-Income-Proof’ Home Loan Scheme can be life-changing for those denied house ownership. The benefits include increased household stability, safer living conditions and reduced costs. Children will have a stable environment more conducive to learning and will be less likely to develop health problems caused by poor ventilation as well as other preventable illnesses. Society as a whole will benefit from safer buildings as well as a more productive and healthier workforce. Innovation in housing finance is one way in which Xrbia can alleviate the burden on those employed in the informal sector.

    Seeking to finance 15,000 potential homeowners, Xrbia anticipates significant interest. Xrbia’s customers can reserve an apartment with a down payment at any Xrbia booking center or on their website by an automated booking process.