• Xrbia Cities of the Future

    Smart cities offer life critical systems for sewage and solid waste treatment, uninterrupted power supply and convenience to walk to school, market and hospital. This is designed to handle the rush of a new urban India. Smart Security features keep your family safe and in touch. Andbeyond all the pleasure and comfort of living in a community, Xrbia has been designed to create a positive ecosystem for the neighborhood and the community;thereby giving our customers a sense of place and community life.

    Our Areas of Expertise

    • General Township Administration
    • Waste Disposal and Pest Control
    • Landscaping and Facade Maintenance
    • Traffic Management
    • Engineering Support
    • Infrastructure Maintenance
    • Preventive and Cyclical Maintenance Work
    • Accounting and Billing
    • Rent Reviews and Maintenance Fees
    • Utilities Management
    • Legal Compliances and Coordination with Government and other Regulatory Bodies


    We remain committed to good schooling and endeavor to make Xrbia a place where people achieve personal growth through lifelong learning. All Xrbia's townships will deliver a primary education facility located centrally to the residential areas.

    Healthcare and Wellness

    From pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods with trails that promote walking and biking, to parks, swimming pools and playgrounds that invite team sports and athletic programs, our communities present many ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our larger townships also offer health care centers and hospitals with on call emergency facilities available for all residents.


    Given the scale of its townships, Xrbia has employed a dedicated team to cater to the maintenance of the entire property creating a comfortable abode for its residents.


    At all the Xrbia townships, we strive to provide a safe and secured environment for our residents. With the latest technology in biometric systems, intercom facilities & RFID access for resident vehicles, the utmost standards of security are maintained.


    A hygienic environment is of prime importance to us. At Xrbia townships, we maintain supreme standards of hygiene so that the people can live a healthy and happy life.