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Institutional Offerings

  • Overview

    Our latest venture into innovative construction endeavors is the concept of Institutional Offerings. These are proposals to design and create Build-to-suit residential properties to satisfy the specific requirements of institutions from various backgrounds. The facilities offer Xrbia’s expertise in the field of affordable housing townships. This includes the benefits of their standard infrastructure and technology in construction, resource conservation and facilities. We aim to customize infrastructure plans to build an entire community for the clients. We are redefining legacy processes and delivering cities that will help to tackle the exponential increase in housing demand across India.

  • Why work with us?

    • Technology driven construction
    • Quick turnaround time
    • Sustainable green construction methods
    • Acquisition of land for the Project
    • Building to suit your requirement or offering space within our townships
    • Experts in liaisons for sanctions, approvals and meeting legal requirements
    • The design life of these homes is over 100 years and need lower maintenance than conventional constructions.
  • Highlights

    Construction Technology

    Our construction technology is based on a hybrid of steel framing and concrete form work that produces these homes at a low cost within short time frames, reducing the build time to just six months.

    Renewable Energy System

    Combining the latest technological advances from across electricity, water, and waste management, we have a Renewable Energy System which ensures the energy that powers each Xrbia township is generated and managed using sustainable sources.


    We can help employees of your organization or members of your trade union to get access to easy financing options. In addition to financing, we have multiple schemes to offer low cost financing. XRBIA's ‘No-Income-Proof’ Home Loan Scheme has enabled applicants to apply for finance without income proof documents.


    SAP helps Xrbia manage our pre-sales, sales and after sales processes in a seamless manner which improves our customer experience. Our processes for construction, planning, BOQs, logistics, finance, quality and HR are also meticulously mapped in the SAP systems down to the very last detail to ensure systematic outcomes. The biggest advantage of SAP ERP in a large scale business like Xrbia's is its integration with other business departments which is unparalleled. SAP is so integrated, that it virtually runs our business on a real time basis, where reports are generated with the ease of the cloud software so we can simplify construction operations, lower costs, and address project risk and compliance.


    SAP helps Xrbia manage our pre-sales, sales and after sales processes in a seamless manner which helps reduce manufacturing and production costs and improves productivity.


    Our partnership with iconic architect firm Hafeez Contractor will ensure that your project is designed to meet the best global standards that adhere to the latest trends in structure and design.

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