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Global Growth Partner Program

  • Global Growth Partner Program

    By 2022 India's housing shortage is expected to be an estimated 120 million houses costing an incredible USD 2 trillion.

    Xrbia has realized the inadequacy of urban planning in India, based on in-situ development to address the need for large scale infrastructure and housing. Keeping this in mind we have taken it upon ourselves to build cities that cater to the housing shortage and foster education, technology advancements, healthcare and a community spirit.

    Let’s build some of it together.

  • Why partner with us?

    Experience in affordable housing
    Xrbia has been around for 5 years in the affordable housing sector. We are an industry giant with over 30 million sq. ft. of existing land under development and 119 million sq. ft. of planned projects. This year alone, Xrbia is building across 18 locations in India and have launched 40,000 houses. With a sale and build rate of 2000 houses a month, we are India's affordable housing leader.


    • We shall co-invest with you into the SPVs and retain significant minority state
    • We have adequate connect with Private Equity Funds to have them invest into the SPVs, if required for growth.

    We are a household name with 10,000 happy customers and counting. Xrbia’s work in the affordable housing sector has been widely recognized and appreciated by consumers and governing bodies all over India.

    Benefits of partnering with us:

    • Brand Visibility
    • Brand Trust
    • Brand Reach
    • Existing Track Record
    • Marketing Efficiencies
    • Standardized Products

    Xrbia’s e-commerce platform is set up to enable online purchase, reservations and payments. It also facilitates coordination and management of multi-channel sales and distribution channels. This ensures that a customer need not leave their door-step to buy a house with Xrbia.

    With over 70 national and international awards and 350 employees, Architect Hafeez Contractor has conceptualized, designed and executed a wide range of architectural projects including The Imperial Towers, Hyatt Regency and the Hiranandani Gardens in Mumbai.

    He brings to Xrbia, an innovative housing design that optimizes space utilization, creating housing that is both economically and ecologically viable. This is achieved with a low floor to wall ratio, zero door swing area and unique convertible use home designs. Seven such models have been standardized and will be featured in all Xrbia projects. Because of this incredible design approach, Xrbia townships will benefit from speedy production cycles. Xrbia’s futuristic technology is suitable for industrialization – for the first time in India, homes have been commoditized and standardized.

    Xrbia's construction technology is based on a hybrid of steel framing and concrete form work that produces houses at a low cost within short time frames, reducing the build time to just six months.

    90% of the building's structure is built in a factory and shipped to site. Therefore our wastage is less than 1% compared to 30% for conventional techniques.

    Xrbia has built a strong e-commerce platform that ensures seamless automated processing through digitization. This lets interested buyers view the product of their choice in exact detail in the comfort of their home or the privacy of their smart phone, where they can select an apartment based on location, budget and product size directly on our website. Buyers can now virtually experience a walkthrough of the property with Virtual Realty (VR) technology to get a clarity on what's being offered and can view the property at their own pace. Our CRM Initiative includes planning, sales, marketing, back office, mobile, internet and MIS that boost this technology for us.